About us

SUMS Philippines is a premier Japanese language learning center in the country established with the support of SUMS Group of companies in Japan. SUMS Co., Ltd., a registered supporting organization in Japan, is a joint management company with Suzuka University of Medical Sciences and the well-known stock listed company CYBERDYNE Co., Ltd.



Suzuka University of Medical Science is Japan's most prestigious, traditional and most comprehensive medical and welfare university that cultivates medical and welfare specialists with intelligence and humanity based on the Spirit of Foundation of the university “Making progress in science and technology to help improve the health and welfare of human beings”.

We, SUMS Philippines, are run with the support of these two great organizations. Furthermore, the two organizations have many trusted companies and deep pipes, so SUMS Philippines can work with many of the best companies in the world.




Japan’s SUMS Co. Ltd., was established to support various companies in Japan especially in the health and welfare industry. Its CEO is Dr. Junichi Takagi which also the CEO of Suzuka University of Medical Science.




As we all know, the Japanese government has opened its doors to foreign workers to address labor shortages in their various industries. This will be a great opportunity for Filipinos who wish to seek better job opportunities in Japan. However, foreign workers are required to pass a Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or JFT-Basic and Skills evaluation test in order to have a working visa.




As an institution specializing in Japanese Language Training, we will provide you the knowledge and practical skills required to successfully pass the Japanese language and skills evaluation test. Through our intensive training program, you will acquire the necessary training for your future endeavor in Japan.



Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, CEO of CYBERDYNE Co., Ltd., is the developer of the world's first robotic type therapeutic device called HAL. HAL is a treatment device that has caused a number of miracles in the treatment of intractable diseases, spinal cord injuries, cerebral infarctions, etc., and has attracted attention around the world. The development has also begun in the Philippines. CYBERDYNE Co., Ltd. is a publicly traded company in Japan. Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai is a professor of Tsukuba University and a world-renowned researcher who also serves as advisor in the Japanese government.

We have established a learning center at Pasig City, Metro Manila, and Cagayan de Oro City (Supported by Cagayan de Oro College). In the future, we will also establish a learning center in Davao City.




We are also working together with a capable sending organization in the Philippines for your future endorsement.




  • Conduct Japanese language training in line with the content of CBT examination for high passing rate, Japanese nursing education and management of examinees.                                                            CBT受験、合格のための日本語、介護知識教育と受験生管理


  • Support the launching and management of MRDC-CDO Branch.                                                        MRDC・CDOブランチの立ち上げと運営


  • Planning for CYBERDYNE product sales in the Philippines.                                                                フィリピンにおけるCYBERDYNE社製品販売の企画