We operate with the support from companies in Japan and so we offer FREE tuition fees for your training.



We have prepared two schedules of classes for the Japanese language training: morning class and afternoon class. Students are free to choose their preferred schedule according to their work and daily schedule.



Our Japanese instructors have passed JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) and have passed the instructors’ review in SUMS. Therefore, we provide high quality lectures in line with the contents of the JLPT and Skills evaluation test.



Our classrooms are air-conditioned providing an ideal and comfortable environment for learning. In CDO, we have the support of one of the large university in the region Cagayan de Oro College which also host the regular Japanese Language Proficiency. We conduct special Japanese language training also at COC, to show that we served with the highest quality and class.


In addition to the regular classes, students can also receive instruction through a one-on-one tutorial from our instructors. Instructor will be providing fun and interactive lessons.



We provide timely guidance on Japanese culture, behavior and attitude so that students can be a sought worker in Japan. Also, we provide Japanese Caregiver Education in which is necessary for passing Nursing Care Skills Evaluation Test (CBT). Caregiver work are in demand in Japan.




Lastly, we provide 100% post-exam ENDORSEMENT and employment SUPPORT at accredited Philippines Sending Organization (Agency).